The Process


The Process is Fast and Easy! Leasing Or Selling.


Whether you have a lease on your property or not, we’d like to look at your minerals. We evaluate each potential purchase on a case-by-case basis, and consider many factors, including:Geographic location of minerals for sale. Current oil and gas lease status and revenue potential. Historic local oil and gas production results. We work to get quotes to prospective sellers as quickly as possible. We pride ourselves on fast, honest  evaluations and closings. We will get some basic information from you concerning your minerals and will give you a QUOTE as soon as possible.
If we can agree on TERMS, we sign a purchase and sale agreement that states those agreed upon sale terms. We pay to run title and other due diligence. This is followed by a CLOSING, at which time you are paid and you sign a mineral deed. From start to finish, this process usually takes between 30 and 90 days.


If you are interested in leasing your oil, gas & mineral rights,  MPF Management LLC can, in certain circumstances, lease your property outright, or connect you with an oil and gas driller that will pay real money to lease your property and that is motivated to put your oil and gas on the path to drilling. After you contact us, we will quickly give you all available leasing options.

We make it easy to contact us too.

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