About Us

MPF Management, LLC, is a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania based company that manages oil, gas, and mineral investment funds that are financed by private investors located primarily in the state of Pennsylvania.

MPF Management LLC specializes in the purchase and management of oil, gas and mineral rights in the Appalachian Basin. MPF Management LLC prides itself on good faith and fair dealing with oil, gas, and mineral owners. MPF does not arbitrarily price minerals. When MPF Management LLC gives sellers a price, it is a real price based on our own analysis of the present-day value of the oil, gas, and minerals, and the determination that at the offered price the oil, gas and mineral ownership is a worthwhile investment for our investors.

If you are an oil, gas and mineral owner and/or royalty owner, please feel free to contact us for a free analysis of your oil, gas and mineral interests and a purchase quote. We are interested in oil, gas and minerals that are producing royalties, and also non-producing oil, gas and minerals, regardless of lease status. MPF Management LLC is also interested in purchasing working interests or overriding royalty interests. We have bought 100% of acreage on certain properties or less than 100% of the acreage. (For more information on the SELLING PROCESS, go to our SELLER FAQ page.)

MPF Management LLC typically can provide a free evaluation and quote within 48 hours of contact and can close transactions within 30-60 days. We take pride in being one of the fastest evaluating and closing oil, gas and mineral buyers in the Appalachian Basin.

While MPF Management LLC specializes in the purchase and management of oil, gas and mineral rights, MPF Management LLC can, in certain circumstances, lease your property outright, or connect you with an oil and gas driller that will pay real money to lease your property and that is motivated to put your oil and gas on the path to drilling, development and royalty income. Signing an oil and gas lease is the first step in maximizing the value of your oil and gas rights, so don’t wait to lease your oil and gas rights. MPF strives to lease oil and gas rights and get them on the path to royalty income quickly, so don’t delay, give us a call today about signing an oil and gas lease! MPF Management is taking oil and gas leases in your area. MPF’s staff of experienced oil and gas professionals will assist you in every step of the lease signing process, and will quickly and efficiently process your oil and gas lease. MPF’s professionals are very knowledgeable concerning the oil and gas industry and will be happy to take the time to answer your questions about oil and gas drilling. Our leasing process connects landowners with oil and gas drillers that pay real money to lease property and that are motivated to put local landowners’ oil and gas on the path to safe drilling and royalty income. MPF’s leases are drafted with common landowner concerns in mind, as our experience has taught us what is important to most landowners.

For more information about contacting us, please go to our Contact Us page.

Call Us At: 1-855-5-MPF-GAS (1-855-567-3427) or 412-894-7125, fill out our easy online offer form or email us at info@mpfmgmt.com .
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