Frequent Asked Questions

Why Sell

Do you have questions? We have options.

Why would I sell my oil, gas, and mineral rights and/or royalty rights?
I need some cash now but I don't want to sell all of my oil and gas, I'd like to wait to see what happens. Can I sell part of my rights to raise cash now and hang onto the remaining rights for later?
I am interested in selling and would like a free evaluation and quote, how do I get a proceed?
How does your free evaluation work?
If I agree to your quote, how is the transaction finalized?
Interested in getting an Oil & Gas Lease instead?

If you need further information, or have a questions, it doesn’t hurt to call us and ask!

Call Us At: 1-855-5-MPF-GAS  (1-855-567-3427) or 412-894-7125, fill out our easy online offer form or email us at .

Fax Us At: 412-317-1589.

Mail Us At: P.O. Box 278 Bridgeville, PA 15017